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Next Events

Final Review Meeting in Brussels (March 29 2012)

Previous Events

 Steering Committee Meeting in Venice, Jan. 30 2012  
 Steering Committee Meeting Frankfurt 28 November 2011
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 Steering Committee Meeting 19 November 2011 Dresden
IEEE EMBC 2012 Boston Conference August 30-September 3rd
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 July 4 and 5 Technical and Steering Committee Meeting in Freiburg
 May 1st-2nd 2011: EPILEPSIAE annual technical review Brussels Photo 1
Jan 24th-25th: Steering Committee Meeting in Paris  
October 22nd: Annual Meeting and Steering Committee Meeting in Coimbra
September 7th/8th: Software/Database Meeting in Freiburg. Germany
May 22nd/23rd: Technical Meeting for Online Issues in Treviso   
April 12th-13th 2010: EPILEPSIAE annual technical review Brussels
February 18th-19th 2010: Technical/Analysis Meeting and Steering Committee Meeting in Freiburg   

November 21st 2009: MEDICA 2009, Düsseldorf

The new hardware developments for Epilepsiae have been presented by Micromed SpA.

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October 29th - 31st 2009: Annual and Steering Committee Meeting in Paris

A general review of the progresses and planning next steps.

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October 8th - 9th 2009: Hardware Meeting in Treviso

Micromed presented the developed hardware for the projects and organized a technical seminar about them.

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July 27th - 30th 2009: Database and Steering Committee Meeting in Coimbra

Discussion about database. Labwork on database. Demonstration of the Semantic Mining work. Stering Committee decided on the following work.

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April 23rd - 24th 2009: Meeting Computerprograms in Coimbra

EPILAB was finanlized. All algorithms have been working.

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April 16th - 17th 2009: Meeting EEG and Database in Freiburg

The current state of the database has been discussed. Guidelines for the future have been settled. The database contains several datasets including detailed meta-information

March 22nd - 23rd 2009: 6th meeting / Consortium meeting in Brussels  

November 10th - 11th 2008: 5th meeting / Annual meeting and Workshop in Coimbra, Portugal

Discussion about the project; the individual partners demonstrated their achievements.


June 26th - 27th 2008: 4th meeting / Software meeting in Coimbra, Portugal

The structure of the computer program to evaluate seizure prediction performance have been discussed. First results have been presented.

Photo 1 (HardWork)
Photo 2 (Outside DEI)
Photo 3 (at HUC)

May 26th 2008: Third meeting / Database and data meeting in Paris, France

Physicians have discussed and agreed on the annotations of the EEG data. The database structure has additionally been discussed. 

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April 3rd - 4th 2008: Second meeting / Hardware meeting in Venice, Italy

The hardware used for recordings during the first part of the project has been provided to the groups. Technical details have been discussed and the data structure has been presented. 

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January 17th - 18th 2008: First meeting / Database meeting in Freiburg, Germany

The first meeting after initiation of the EPILEPSIAE project in January 2008 took place in Freiburg, Germany. 

The main concpets of the 1st European Epilepsy Database have been discussed and agreed on. Within the next three years this database will include 300 long term EEG data sets. Additinonally, metadata as well as the features will be stored in this database.

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